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I'm a REALTOR with Keller Williams Midtown Direct Realty in Maplewood, NJ and INHABIT SOMa is the newsletter for my Real Estate business. It will also include updates on the market statistics for NYC's Bedroom Communities, such as South Orange, Maplewood, Montclair, Glen Ridge, and Short Hills/Millburn.

About Me

Hello there! I’m Carla Labianca and this blog is a creative outlet for my love of home design, embracing doable DIY projects, indulging in good eats, and throwing a good party. Through trial and error, I’ve incorporated these into my life over the past nine years – since I became a homeowner.


 Tradition always has to be updated and pushed forward. After all, you wouldn’t send a debutante to her 80th birthday party wearing her original dress. ~ Thomas Jayne 

Every home and family has their story and around SOMa NJ, those stories are measured in more than the many trends that graced their walls over the decades – they are measured in the craftsmanship and happy little secrets that only an antique house can reveal, the conversations held around the dinner table, and the pride we feel in our homes and community.

I live in a gorgeous 1895 Victorian otherwise know as No. 139, with my husband Gary McDaniel, who is a frequent contributor to this blog, and our three kids. While our home has only been loved by only four other families, some of them bad really bad choices. And their was a cheapo flipper in the mix too. Now, we’re cleaning up their messes. This blog chronicles the renovations, fixes, and maintenance involved with owning our little corner of Maplewood, NJ. 

And I’m not the only voice. Tradespersons, small business owners, or good friends with special talents will share what they’ve learned through posts, photography, and video. Think about it. Who better to give you advice on landscape design, a well-stocked bar, or how to capture great photography than those who do it for a living or simply a passion to give voice to their hobby? So, come along and follow us! 

My day (and weekend) job as a REALTOR® for Keller Williams Midtown Direct Realty in Maplewood, NJ, gives me a unique opportunity to peek inside homes. Whether a it’s a sparkling or still-in-the-rough kind of diamond – all are dream worthy. I manage my real estate biz through my brand, INHABIT SOMa by Carla Labianca. To learn more, please visit my website or shoot me an email.