We love to throw a good party. The bigger the better. The more the merrier. We’ve done it so often that we have a strategic process in play, all the accoutrement we need, and of course, recipes that make for delicious entertaining eats.

When we aren’t throwing a 4th of July Pig Roast or an Oktoberfest, we cook and bake in the messiest ways – but all with love!

Our littlest, Fred, upon eating something delicious belts out, “Mama, it’s yummy in my tummy!” A pleased smile forms on his face and he rubs his belly in a circular motion. As an Italian mama, a happy and well fed child thrills me! And while I love to cook my family’s Italian specialities and bake all sorts of sweet treats, I’m not the chef in our family. Nope! My husband Gary is – he’s amazingly talented and super messy. While cooking isn’t his day job, it’s certainly his passion.

But we’re not the only ones who are passionate about food – we have a bunch of friends and neighbors who are just as crazy about entertaining eats as we are. Here, we share our recipes and stories with you.

Roasting a Pig in a Box | A 4th of July Pig Roast to Remember


How the hell does one go about roasting a pig in a box? 

If you’re like Carla and me, you love good food, good friends and you LOVE a good pig roast. So what better for the 4th of July than to buy a 100 pound pig and invite over 100 of your best friends? But the question is, how the hell does one go about roasting a pig in a box? 

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