Home style. The idea of it gets me all excited! I don’t have a degree or certification in interior design or anything like that, but I do love wrapping my head around interior style and spatial design. I have a knack for arrangement, symmetry, and color play.

For many years before my real estate career, I worked in the digital design space in many capacities. The string that tied each together was the goal of creating engaging products based on thoughtful design decisions that would mirror typical or even influence user behavior. It was a great way to hone my inner home stylist.

The similarities for great home style and spatial design are many. For instance, the minute you arrange furniture in a certain configuration, you are setting the stage for how the room will be used, how folks will chat and interact with each other…or not. Design calms in your bedroom, sits comfortably on your patio, warms up around your firepit, plays safely in your garden, and feels homey in your summer beach rental.

While I’ve always enjoyed interior styling, like pairing different fabric colors and textures and pasting them to my college dorm room walls, there was something about becoming a homeowner that made my passion blossom. My home was mine and I suddenly had all these rooms, canvases, if you will.

Here, I share some thoughts, inspirations, project successes and even disappointments.

Successful Landscape Design is Child’s Play

When Carla approached me to write about landscape design, I was unsure of an approach. I could discuss Aesthetics, Function, Feel, Grading and Drainage, Privacy,  Lighting,  Water, Trees/shrubs/Perennials, Native Plants,  Sustainability, Play structures, Garden furniture/Ornaments, Firepits, Outdoor structures,  Vegetable Gardens, Decking/Patios, Retaining walls, Water features, etc.  I started writing down some ideas and then quickly scrapped them all.

While Landscape Design encompasses these topics, yesterdays visit with a client reinforced for me the importance of combining  children’s safety with the above. 

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A Modern Farmhouse with Global Flair in South Orange, NJ

Fresh & contemporary meets rustic & classic with a twist in this beautiful farmhouse.

For this newly added family room, the homeowners had a vision for coastal style for their farmhouse – fresh, airy, blue and white with a relaxed vibe. They also have a love for travel and Indonesian, African and South American decor – intricate carved wood, natural dyed textiles, unique print patterns and hand-crafted metals.

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Congrats. You’re in Your New Home. Now What?

Before you begin decorating your new home…  

Most of us come from apartments and don’t have enough furniture to fill our new space.  We also have partners, kids, pets, full time jobs. We start and stop, find our motivation – only to lose it in a wake of beige paint, unopened moving boxes (some for years!), and a sea of toys.

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I know how exciting it is to move into your new home.

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Building a Garage in Maplewood NJ

Buying a home doesn’t usually involve building a garage.

And building a garage is no small feat. It takes planning and hiring the right people to see that it gets done correctly. It also requires research – as is so often the case in homeownership.

You may know that we bought No. 139 on a whim.  What you may not know is that the home didn’t have a garage or fence.

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Designing for Small Spaces | A Handful of DIY Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, designing for small spaces doesn’t mean you can’t go big, bold, and deep. So pick a wall and consider one of the following ideas.

Hang a large, oversized mirror as a focal point – it instantly makes the room look larger and because it reflects light and makes the room brighter, warmer.

Designing For Small Spaces

Adhere wallpaper on one wall. This doesn’t need to be expensive – try self-adhesive wallpaper,

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