A Peek Inside Creative Interiors, Get the Inside Stories

Psst…come inside to hear or rather see the inside stories that showcase unique home living …

For a lover of architecture and interior design, every once in while we see a room or a group of rooms that create a home, give it life, substance, that keeps us guessing in a good way. They are stunning, surprising, and offer something previously unseen with every visit. They showcase the life that happens within.

My goal is to curate a collection of rooms designed by your neighbors and display their interior design inspiration, to share with you their inside stories…

Inside Stories | An Outdated Colonial Goes Glam in a Stunning Home Makeover

Alexis Goldstein is an artist by nature. A successful Director of Sales at a major digital property by day, her art hangs from the walls of her Maplewood NJ home and displays itself through the flow, fabric and distinction of her interior design. When she and her husband, Justin Goldstein, a Brooklyn-based Realtor at Halstead, set out to purchase a home, their priorities were solid bones, walk to town,

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Inside Stories | A Menagerie of Curiosities Finds a Home in New Jersey

A Collection of Natural Curiosities, Textiles, and Victorian-esque Oddities That Wes Anderson Would Adore.

Margot Tenenbaum greeted me at the door, as she so often does when I visit, and treating me like anything but royalty chased me from the mudroom and to the kitchen where I was greeted by her humans, Zoe Bean and Sweety.

Zoe Bean and Sweety, married with one son, live in a 1924 center-hall colonial in South Orange,

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Great Interior Design is An Expression of Who He Was, Even Harvey Keitel Thought So

Great interior design is anything but static – it morphs with the ever-changing needs of the inhabitant/s. It is the exploration of spaceย and the quest to fuse comfort, utility, and aesthetic. Our homes can be the greatest expression of who we are.

Imagine the home of the unconventional artist. (Is there really any other kind?) Surely a space that can inspire is a must-have, but that is largely of the artist’s own making,

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A Ballet Barre as Installation Art, A Young Ballerino Finds His Special Place

Natural Elements Meets Industrial Design

If you’re Linda Beck of South Orange NJ, you’re at home in natural environs where the simplest of scavenger hunts can turn up the most wondrous of objects. Like endless searches for skeletal treasures, find remnants of a wild life lived in Virginia’s foothills. Or when frequent visits to the local duck pond at Flood’s Hill seal a lifelong friendship with the ancient snapping turtle who holds court there.

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Successful Landscape Design is Child’s Play

When Carla approached me to write about landscape design, I was unsure of an approach. I could discuss Aesthetics, Function, Feel, Grading and Drainage, Privacy,ย  Lighting,ย  Water, Trees/shrubs/Perennials, Native Plants, ย Sustainability, Play structures, Garden furniture/Ornaments, Firepits, Outdoor structures,ย  Vegetable Gardens, Decking/Patios, Retaining walls, Water features, etc.ย  I started writing down some ideas and then quickly scrapped them all.

While Landscape Design encompasses these topics, yesterdays visit with a client reinforced for me the importance of combining ย children’s safety with the above.ย 

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