A Peek Inside Creative Interiors, Get the Inside Stories

Psst…come inside to hear or rather see the inside stories that showcase unique home living …

For a lover of architecture and interior design, every once in while we see a room or a group of rooms that create a home, give it life, substance, that keeps us guessing in a good way. They are stunning, surprising, and offer something previously unseen with every visit. They showcase the life that happens within.

My goal is to curate a collection of rooms designed by your neighbors and display their interior design inspiration, to share with you their inside stories…

Successful Landscape Design is Child’s Play

When Carla approached me to write about landscape design, I was unsure of an approach. I could discuss Aesthetics, Function, Feel, Grading and Drainage, Privacy,  Lighting,  Water, Trees/shrubs/Perennials, Native Plants,  Sustainability, Play structures, Garden furniture/Ornaments, Firepits, Outdoor structures,  Vegetable Gardens, Decking/Patios, Retaining walls, Water features, etc.  I started writing down some ideas and then quickly scrapped them all.

While Landscape Design encompasses these topics, yesterdays visit with a client reinforced for me the importance of combining  children’s safety with the above. 

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A Modern Farmhouse with Global Flair in South Orange, NJ

Fresh & contemporary meets rustic & classic with a twist in this beautiful farmhouse.

For this newly added family room, the homeowners had a vision for coastal style for their farmhouse – fresh, airy, blue and white with a relaxed vibe. They also have a love for travel and Indonesian, African and South American decor – intricate carved wood, natural dyed textiles, unique print patterns and hand-crafted metals.

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Congrats. You’re in Your New Home. Now What?

Before you begin decorating your new home…  

Most of us come from apartments and don’t have enough furniture to fill our new space.  We also have partners, kids, pets, full time jobs. We start and stop, find our motivation – only to lose it in a wake of beige paint, unopened moving boxes (some for years!), and a sea of toys.

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I know how exciting it is to move into your new home.

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Researching Your Home’s History

Ever Wondered Who Died in Your House?
Aren’t you just a bit curious? 
Researching your home’s history can be rewarding. 

Researching Your Home's History

If you’re like me, living in a cookie cutter house in some new construction development was never an option. And now that you are the proud homeowner of a beautiful vintage home – how do you figure out it’s history? Oh if only these walls could talk,

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