Sarah Gee Is Here to Solve Your Design Dilemmas

Sarah Gee owner of Sarah Gee Interiors and Inhabit Your Home's Resident Interior Stylist

Inhabit Your Home’s Resident Interior Stylist, Sarah Gee, gets candid on all your home design conundrums. From what tile looks best in a farmhouse kitchen to the difference between decorating and curating, go ahead, ask away!

To help Sarah best answer your questions, please read through the list below and send her all the relevant bits that will help her. In addition, please send us your name, city, and state.

  • Room measurements
  • Photographs of the room, its unique features, and existing furniture
  • Floor or architectural plans, if they exist
  • Paint color brand and names that you are considering
  • Photographs of textiles, fixtures, furniture, or art that you are considering. Websites featuringthese design elements will suffice.