• Trees Do Fall
    I love love love trees. In fact, when people talk about being “an ocean person” or “a mountain person”,  my answer is “I am a tree person.”  So I, like … Read more
  • Home Buying in 2021
    Well hello Essex County NJ homebuyers! We are two months into 2021, welcome to this year’s unusual melange of housing market variables. We thought we’d compile some defining factors at … Read more
    2020. Where to begin? Since Carla Labianca and I are a Real Estate Partnership, let's begin with one aspect of the beast that was 2020 – the local real estate … Read more
  • Real Estate Competition | Making an Offer
    Making an offer for real estate in Maplewood, South Orange, Montclair, or other Essex County commuter towns of New Jersey was not for the faint of heart pre-Covid-19, and even … Read more
  • In Contemplation of Staging
    Considering Local perspectives Scrolling through listings or visiting open houses in different parts of the United States, one might see homes looking very much the way they look on an … Read more
  • A Few Minutes in Maplewood, NJ
    A Look at Maplewood, NJ at the Turn of the Last Century Look what we found in the Maplewood Memorial Library? It's a Real Estate marketing pamphlet written specifically for Maplewood, … Read more
  • How We Found No. 139 Maplewood Avenue
    Welcome to No. 139 Maplewood Avenue, our home. Let me tell you a story… “That’s the most perfect house around here.” I said to our Realtor as she drove Gary … Read more
  • We Nearly Sold No. 139
    A perk of practicing real estate is the Broker Open. This is when agents debut new listings or listings with a recent price modification or renovation of some sort or … Read more
  • Congrats. You’re in Your New Home. Now What?
    Before you begin decorating your new home…   Most of us come from apartments and don’t have enough furniture to fill our new space.  We also have partners, kids, pets, … Read more
  • Renting vs. Buying | What to Do?
    RENTING VS. BUYING… "Should I continue to rent? Or should I buy?" is the single most common question I am asked, except for maybe "What is my home worth?"   … Read more
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