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Designing for Small Spaces | A Handful of DIY Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, designing for small spaces doesn’t mean you can’t go big, bold, and deep. So pick a wall and consider one of the following ideas.

Hang a large, oversized mirror as a focal point – it instantly makes the room look larger and because it reflects light and makes the room brighter, warmer.

Adhere wallpaper on one wall.

This doesn’t need to be expensive – try self-adhesive wallpaper, like Lilt from CB@2 or grab a stencil pattern , brush, and paint from The Home Depot.  Any design you chose will add depth and interest. Ceilings are also fun, if not backbreaking!

Create an art wall that spans from top to bottom.  

Maplewood NJ Home OfficePick over flea markets and antique shops for framed paintings , illustrations, and photographs that are 11X14 or smaller. Great finds can also be found on Etsy and Ebay. Look for various shapes like ovals, circles, diamonds, and rectangles.  You can even add some trendy taxidermy here and there. Choose a theme or color scheme or both for the prints themselves – or don’t!  It’s entirely up to you – I honestly believe that you can’t get in wrong!

Pick a wall and build a bookcase up to the ceiling, fill it with books and treasures.

Use this as a great place to create a staged vignette. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab some of that self-adhesive wall paper and tack it to the back of each shelf.

When designing for small spaces, one of the single most important things you can do is to make sure your couch or seating choices, such as a chaise or club chairs, are appropriately sized for the space. Resist the urge to buy oversized furniture or furniture that blocks space.

Check out my post specifically about couches, Narrow Spaces | Choosing the Right Couch.

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