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Trinity Solar Speaks

Home with solar panels on the roof

Recently I caught up with Lisa Parla of Trinity Solar, one of the esteemed exhibitors of 2023 The Resource Home Trade Show. While I love the idea of solar, I want/need more info, and I imagine I am not the only one! So take heed, good readers; this is some very interesting stuff.

But first, a bit about Lisa. A South Orange resident, proud wife, and mother of two children and three dogs, Lisa enjoys family adventures, traveling, and baking in her free time (which is not much!). Before solar work, Lisa’s past career realms included medical and dental practices and success as a business development coordinator. She finally found her “for-life position” as an Energy Consultant with Trinity Solar. Lisa loves helping homeowners obtain clean energy and save money by making this change.  

Inhabit Your Home: Lisa, how did you get into the field of solar? 

Lisa Parla: As so many rewarding opportunities do, it fell into my lap!  My father-in-law’s neighbor works for Trinity. While my wife, Dina, assisted him with his mortgage, the career opportunity came up, and the rest is history!

IYH: Can you share something you learned as an industry expert that you didn’t know previously? 

LP: So very much! I knew hardly anything about solar energy and how much of an impact one house can have on helping our environment while saving thousands of dollars for homeowners!  

IYH: I imagine many people (including yours truly) are not fully informed. It is pretty fantastic – a positive impact on the environment AND savings! So what are the objections/misconceptions that you think may hold people back from switching?  

LP: Overall, the top two are esthetics and resale. Our panels are very sleek, black on black, and sit approximately 3 inches from the roof. And NJ is actually one of the best states for INCREASING home value when solar is in place!  

IYH: Interesting! Go NJ! 

IYH: The use of solar energy has been around for a while (Google says 7th century BC, which makes sense since the sun is pretty old and all) What are the newest advancements in the field? 

LP: There’s always something on the horizon, but the biggest advancement now is adding battery backup to existing solar homes. This eliminates the necessity of a noisy traditional generator and is much cleaner.

IYH: That sounds pretty good! Of course, the benefits to the environment are significant, but can you give us some stats to exemplify the positive impact of switching?  

LP: The average on homes I have personally seen have had a savings of at least $20,000 over the course of terms (depends on specific houses), roughly 1,300 trees from absorbing CO2, and eliminating roughly 8,000 gallons of gasoline consumption. You don’t have to take my word for it!  See information compiled by Zillow presented by CNBC here.

IYH: Wow! What do you tell people who are on the fence?  

LP: Listen, you are ALREADY paying for energy. This opportunity brings down your monthly cost, eliminates the unknown rate increase, adds value to your home, AND is a cleaner source!  To me, it’s a simple choice. 

IYH: That makes sense Lisa! Anything else you’d like to share?

LP: I hope you’ve found value in what I’ve shared and can see how each home can positively impact our changing environment. If you are interested in learning about your home’s potential to qualify, please email me for a complimentary energy audit. or text 862-668-7291. Please mention the way you found me!  Referrals are always appreciated, and I personally love to thank my referrals. 

Thanks so much Lisa! Can’t wait to see you at The Resource Home Show in Maplewood at The Woodland on April 23rd from 12-4!

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