My day job as a Realtor®-Salesperson in SOMa, NJ, is hectic, as is mothering three children, so incorporating manageable, doable DIY is an important creative outlet for me.

Taking on a fun project that makes my children happy, such as a magnetic chalkboard wall, or adds beauty, like my kitchen chairs refinished in Annie Sloane paint, or adds a cool statement piece, such as my outdoor bar cart, gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  Especially when I get great results and only spent a few dollars.

Not everything goes perfectly and mistakes are made. It’s all documented here.

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

GOAL: Create a large chalkboard wall to display the loads of artwork created by my three kids – all at the same time.

Admittedly, this is gonna be a difficult and somewhat time-consuming project. It will take at least an entire weekend. If you’re like us, you have pile of artwork created by your kids and no place to hang it. Well, actually I have come up with other ways to showcase their works (i.e.

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How to Paint a Bistro Set in Bright Yellow and Blue

GOAL: To paint a bistro set that is peeling and chipping and turn it into a fun and colorful addition to my kid’s outdoor play area.

My kids love playing outdoors and feeding them where they play in the great doors makes clean up 10X easier! Who cares about crumbs?!? I found a metal bistro set for eight dollars at a local estate sale.

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Designing for Small Spaces | A Handful of DIY Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, designing for small spaces doesn’t mean you can’t go big, bold, and deep. So pick a wall and consider one of the following ideas.

Hang a large, oversized mirror as a focal point – it instantly makes the room look larger and because it reflects light and makes the room brighter, warmer.

Designing For Small Spaces

Adhere wallpaper on one wall. This doesn’t need to be expensive – try self-adhesive wallpaper,

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