[spacer] Incorporating manageable, doable DIY is an important creative outlet for many of us. Taking on a fun family project, such as a magnetic chalkboard wall,or creating a cool statement piece like a bar cart from a garden shelving unit gives us a sense of accomplishment.  Especially when we get great results that only cost a few dollars.

Not everything goes perfectly and mistakes are made. It’s all documented here.

  • Designing for Small Spaces | A Handful of DIY Ideas
    Contrary to popular belief, designing for small spaces doesn’t mean you can’t go big, bold, and deep. So pick a wall and consider one of the following ideas.
  • Everyday Objects with Jess Davis
    A glimpse of how interior designer Jess Davis of Nest Studio juxtaposes modern sensibilities with vintage Victorian charm.
  • Understanding Steam Heat. Simple.
    Many homes in South Orange and Maplewood, NJ use steam heat, an outdated but very comfortable heat source is simple to understand, but requires routine attention for proper operation. Steam boilers (not furnaces as they are sometimes called) can be heated by oil or gas which are called having an oil fired steam boiler or … Read more
  • Four Chairs and a Pot of Annie Sloan Paint
    When we bought our first home, my parents gave us their kitchen table, a dark-wood, colonial type.I grew up with that table, just like my kids are – hours of homework, family meals,arts and craft projects, telephone chats with my girlfriends, coffee conversations with my nana and aunties – it even saw my mother's friends … Read more
  • A Ballet Barre as Installation Art, A Young Ballerino Finds His Special Place
    Natural Elements Meets Industrial Design If you're Linda Beck of South Orange NJ, you're at home in natural environs where the simplest of scavenger hunts can turn up the most wondrous of objects. Like endless searches for skeletal treasures, find remnants of a wild life lived in Virginia's foothills. Or when frequent visits to the … Read more