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How to Paint a Bistro Set in Bright Yellow and Blue

GOAL: To paint a bistro set that is peeling and chipping and turn it into a fun and colorful addition to my kid’s outdoor play area.

My kids love playing outdoors and feeding them where they play in the great doors makes clean up 10X easier! Who cares about crumbs?!? I found a metal bistro set for eight dollars at a local estate sale. It had been previously painted at least twice – a textured tan on top of a faded red.  

Required Safety Gear & Advice

  • A mask designed specifically for sanding fine particulates.  
  • How to Paint a Bistro SetGoggles.

Anytime you paint a bistro set or anything for that matter, make sure the area is well ventilated and that the ground and surrounding areas are well covered or the at least far away from anything you down want covered in dirt and rust or accidently painted.


  • 4 spray cans of 2 desired colors – 1 for the table and 1 for the chairs (I used Sun Yellow and Blue Satin Oasis, both by Rust Oleum)
  • 60–grit coarse sandpaper.
  • Power washer (optional). If you don’t have this, use your garden hose’s nozzle set to the strongest setting.


    1. STOP! Put on your goggles and face mask.
    2. Whenever you have a piece that has extensive chipping and peeling, I recommend using a power washer or your hose’s spray nozzle on its most powerful setting to remove as much of it as possible as quick as possible.
    3. Allow all three pieces to completely dry.
    4. Using 60-grit course sandpaper, remove the remaining paint to smooth finish. This may take some time if the paint is thick and dense or the pieces have lots of detail. Don’t get overwhelmed – simply do one section at a time.
    5. Using a power washer or your hose’s spray nozzle on its most powerful setting, wash the paint chips away.
    6. Check for smoothness. You are looking for a consistent smooth feel on all parts.   Sand areas as needed. Rinse. Repeat.
    7. Allow all three pieces to completely dry.
    8. Spray paint the first coat on all three pieces.
    9. Spray paint shouldn’t need to dry longer than an hour before applying the second coat. 

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